Saturday Bushash 01. april 2023 run-no. 1381 hare 

SLBO Circle at RNB23 Restaurant, run start at 5:00 pm.

Directions for drivers/navigator Map:



VBH3 was formed by six members of the VH3, who decided that they would like to have a weekend run in the countryside, rather than in the suburbs of Vientiane..

The first run was held on 14th June 1998 at Peter “Oldtimer” Callum’s farm and was attended by 13 Hashers. Since then numbers have grown to an average of around 15-30 and the proportion of Lao nationals has grown steadily. The VBH3 had its 1,000th anniversary run in January 2016. VBH3 attracts many visitors and its members run regularly with other Hashes, both in the region and worldwide.

The basic format of the VBH3 is similar to that of the VH3 (and nearly all other Hashes worldwide). Members meet at the hash-site about 4:30 pm, run-start 5:00 pm, if you need  transport from Town call the GM: Toilet Affair  020 28127606, and check our website:

mostly we leave for an “out-of-town area” for the Bush-Hash-run.

The main difference from the VH3 is that there is only one run and the “Circle” is held at the run site. After the run we join some finger-food at the Circle, ore the Hashers moves to a local restaurant for food and drinks.