Monday Town Hash

Vientiane Hash House Harriers
This Monday the 28th of November, A2A 5:30 departure from Tully’s Irish Pub, pay as you go.
Map to the run site:
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The VH3 was founded by Doug Stewart &

Saturday Bush Hash

Saturday`s Bush Hash run no. 1364  /  03.12.2022
!  Boris&Kimmi`s Christmas-run !
The run site is at Happy Ending`s new residence, opposite Russian Restaurant
All Hashers please wear a red dress 
See the google-map , later,  here:
VBH3 was formed by six members of the VH3,

Sunday Bicycle Hash

Bike-Hash Sunday the 25 th  of  December
The Hare is  KD”/Kunty Dumbty !
Meet at Bananas & KD2`s residence Ban Chommany
 start at 9:30 am.  150,000 Kip fee for food/drinks  and Beer-stops,  all inclusive.  

Also, we ride every Wednesday and Friday a bike ride from Joma near Nam Phu Fountain
we depart at 08:00 am.,