Monday Town Run

Runs are held every Monday at different locations.
CLICK HERE FOR NEXT WEEK’S MAP       – or   Contact us
50,000 Kip covers the run, the beer, water and cool drinks.
If you need a ride, stop by Avis Car Rental before 4.45pm Monday.

Saturday Bush Hash

Special Farewell-celebration this Saturday 19.06.21
  VBH3 – run no. 1288
     “FUNERAL ”   
Khoy DAM (Terry) 

The circle this Saturday 19# June is at the catholic cemetery- burial site on
the Rte 13N after Airport at Sikhai at 10:00 am.!

On On On after closed ceremony we went to the German Restaurant “Berliner Garden”

Monthly Bicycle Hash

CONTACT US – We Meet at Nam Phu Fountain every last Sunday in the month
at 9:15 am.
Note:  In the time of Lockdown only with Covid prevention provisions !
Bring your friend`s, vergines, all “who are fully vaccinated”

Khoy Dam`s FUNERAL at catholic cemetery Saturday 19# at 10:00 am.

This SATURDAY 19# June run 1288 there will be Khoy Dam`s / Terence Crawford Muir`s last Hash to take to the skies ...... Funeral at the cemetery starts at 10:00 am.