Monday Town Hash

Runs are held weekly on Mondays and at different locations.
CLICK HERE FOR NEXT WEEK’S MAP  –  or  Contact us – 50,000 Kip covers the run, the beer, water and cool drinks. If you need a ride,

Saturday Bush Hash

Saturday 22. January 2022 the VBH3 – Bush-Hash-Run is nearby Toilet Affair and Hee Noy`s Country Residence, the Circle is at a Bamboo-Restaurant ( short before the house from them, turn left by the Elementary School, then follow the sign`s !

Sunday Bicycle Hash

Runs are held monthly on every last Sunday and at different locations.
Note:  In the time of  COVID-19, due to lockdown restrictions,  our monthly Bike Hash will only be held under social distancing in a small group.
Hello Bike Hashers far and wide.

The run site is off Route 13S at KM21

The run site is nearby TA`s and Hee Noi Affair’s farm off Route 13S at KM21