Monday 23rd October 2017

Hash at Mount Pussy’s house

Best directions-

Drive past O’Grady’s Irish Pub, turn left about 200 metres past it.
Travel about 300 metres (past a Wat on your left) and turn left again.
Travel about 100 down that road and follow the white chalk marks on the road.
Follow the rainbow over the stream
Follow the fellow who follows a dream
Follow, follow, follow, follow
Follow the yellow brick road
 There will be hash markings on the roads, and in front of the house.

There will be hashers sitting out front of the house.

Meet at 5:15pm. Run starts at 5:30pm

Short/medium/long walks/runs

Followed by food, drinks and merriment. 60,000 Kip

Beer, cool drinks, food and water provided.

New people/visitors welcome. A very different night out.