Hash Monday the 16th of December.

Som Beung restaurant

Best directions – follow the map: https://goo.gl/maps/WRvq9vz3THY1zhFm8

The preferred way to get there from town with the least traffic is using the southern concrete road across the That Luang marsh.  This is the road that passes the Bazaar supermarket and starts beside the north Korean Hawoo restaurant.  This road is better than the new asphalt road to the north by the big lake- less traffic and no dangerous subsidence or holes where lorries have broken through the carriageway surface – and there are now traffic lights to cross the T4.

As there are few street lights in these parts, it’s best to bring a torch.

Meet at 5:15pm. Run starts at 5:30pm, be early!

Short/medium/long walks/runs.

K50,000 per head for everyone for a very different night out.

Beer, bottled water and cool drinks will be provided.